Game Coordinator

The game coordinators will organize and run all activities at your picnic, including volleyball tournaments as well as children and adult games. All necessary props are included.  Prizes for the games are additional.


Art Store

The Art Store is an area set-up for children to utilize their artistic and creative talents. All art supplies, attendees to assist the children as well as set-up and clean-up are included.


Wet & Wild Water Games

Tell the kids to bring the swimming suits and towels to this one! Children will have fun for hours playing in the Wet and Wild Water area. Water events include organized water games in addition to Crazy Sprinklers and Slip and Slide.  Attendants to organize the games and monitor the children are included.


Face Painting & Tattoos

A kids favorite!


Pony Rides

Ride a real Pony!  Perfect for picnics with small children.


Carnival Games

Have fun trying to win prizes by playing games of skill and chance.  Some examples of games include:  Drop Ball, Color Block, Skillo, Number Wheel, and Crazy Ball.


Poster Contest

Invite each family to create a poster celebrating your picnic, theme, company slogan, safety awareness, social cause, anti-drug or alcohol campaigns, etc.. Rules: Only one per family and all family members present are encouraged to participate in poster design. Family name must appear on the back of the poster. Judging can be by committee or all employees.  Poster board and markers are included.


Closest to the Pin (Golf)

A favorite with dads!  See who can get the golf ball closest to the flag to win the big prize.


Dunk Tank

Who is brave enough to sit in the Dunk Tank?  Perhaps the boss? This all-day event includes tank, set-up, balls, staff and yes…water.


Photo Booth

The Photo Booth is a hit at every event!  Have your photo taken with your family or fellow employees.  Crazy props and costumes makes this activity even more fun!



Everyone loves BINGO!!  Fun for adults and kids.  Includes: Intercom, set-up, cards and tokens. Prizes are additional. We can provide the staff or you may choose to staff it if you prefer.



A great activity to get the whole gang together!  See who will win the most money! Play money is included.  Choose from Roulette, Blackjack, Beat the Dealer, Poker, Dice Cage, Big Wheel, Horse Race. We can provide the staff or you may choose to staff it if you prefer.


Tom Sawyers’ White Washed Fence

Great fun for children and adults alike.   Everyone can be a part of painting of your company’s custom fence. Plenty of brushes and water based paint are available. Don’t miss this photo opportunity at the end of the day.


Pie in the Face

Revenge for your favorite or not so favorite boss.  Clown board and whipped cream pies are included.



Fun for the whole family.  Enjoy a hayride into the woods of Willow Glen Park.


Picnic Olympics

Picnic Olympics is a great way to get all of your employees involved in the festivities. This event will keep your employees talking for weeks after your picnic. When the president of the company lights the Olympic (Tiki) Torch, it signifies the start of the games. Don’t forget the camera, you’ll want to record this. D.J. is recommended for this event

As all the adults arrive at the picnic, they are given a different colored wristband or T-shirt (shirts may be plain or have logo). Throughout the Olympic Tournament, members of each team (color) will be called to participate in the different Olympic events. The end of the day is a highlight when the medals are presented to the team with the most points.  Referees, all equipment, and set-up of the Olympic area is included. Prizes and T-shirts are additional.


The Game

The Game is an inter-active entertainment played on a 12′ X 12′ game board that uses humans as game pieces. Your group is broken up into four or five teams and each team has a designated game pawn, a scorekeeper and a spinner. The rest of the team helps in answering questions and developing strategy. Set up like a typical board game, The Game can be transformed to fit your specific needs or you can choose from our standard game list. The Game is a fun way to bring friends, family and associates together and is the perfect icebreaker at any event.



Clowns are guaranteed to make your event fun.  You can have them walk around for meet and greet or have them put on a show.


Disk Jockey

Fill the air with music all day long!



If it’s live music you prefer, allow us to book a live band for your event.



If your group has people who can sing (or people who think they can sing) this is the perfect activity for your event.